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Know some of the best interior designers in France.

Photo: Jean-Louis Deniot
When it comes to the interiors, French surely have it down.
France is not only the home for a worldwide known cuisine and wines, or the luxury fashion houses such as Hermès or Chanel. The French interiors have a word to say and there’s no doubt that they also have a certain je ne sais quoi with an incomparable charm and beauty.
In Europe, this country is the first option for the enthusiastic learners of interior design. This place saw an acclaimed successful interior designers' generation giving the first steps into this industry, and today, they are worldwide references. 
Here is a selection of some of our favorite French interior designers.
Top French Interior Designers To Know Now

1 - Charles Zana 

Photo: Charles Zana
For over three decades, Charles Zana has shown his work from Paris to New York, to London and Tel Aviv. The Paris-based interior designer, who studied architecture at Paris’s École des Beaux-Arts, designed his unique style and aesthetic throughout the years.
Strongly inspired by the great masters of Italian design such as Andrea Branzi, Enzo Mari, or Ettore Sottsass, Zana’s projects have a sensibility for art and design. His will to highlight a new tradition by revisiting classicism and emotions in a stylish union lets him create unique designs for his clients' portfolio.   
Zana’s know-how in the architecture field gave him an extensive understanding of both the design and construction process, providing him with a refined reaction and interpretation of every need.
  1. Jean-Louis Deniot 

Photo: Jean-Louis Deniot
Well-known for his eclectic style, Jean-Louis Deniot has long been creating interiors. He has been featured several times alongside the world’s preeminent talents in interior design and, at the same time, is regularly featured by the international authorities o this industry, turning him into one of the most highlighted figures of today.
By blending spontaneity and magic, Deniot’s works stand out by a vocabulary that is both informal and bold. His interiors are elegant and dramatic, as he says, with the main goal to promote a lifestyle with harmony and wellbeing.
  1. RMGB Studio 

Photo: RMGB Studio
Being noticed as the next generation of French interior designers, the RMGB Studio, created by Baptiste Rischmann and Guillaume Gibert, has been signing remarkable projects and confirming that there is an accurate eye for luxury. This duo of interior designers has the ability to create unique atmospheres, playing with volume, light and materials.
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  1. Champeau & Wilde 

Photo: Champeau & Wilde
Champeau & Wilde has been founded by Laurent Champeau and Kelli Wilde, interior designer and decorator, respectively. The combination of their expertise fields gave birth to one of the most applauded teams of the interior design industry. By combining the French sophistication with contemporary and classic references, this duo creates liveable spaces according to their clients’ needs. 
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