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You’ll dive into the world of Portuguese design by knowing some of the best interior designers from this country nearby the sea.

Photo: CJC Studio
From the wine of Douro to gastronomy, Portugal is well-known around the world, and it has been placed on a pedestal on the world’s stage for the ancestral craftsmanship techniques.
When it comes to interior design, you can find some of the most influential personalities of the interior design industry with signed projects around the world in the most prestigious residences and commercial spaces.
Discover our selection of Portuguese interior designers that you may not know the name of but recognize some of their interiors.  
5 Interior Designers From Portugal

1. Cristina Jorge de Carvalho

Photo: CJC Studio
Ruled by functionality and sophistication, the Portuguese interior designer Cristina Jorge de Carvalho gives her name to the CJC Studio, where tailor-made projects are created in the areas of architecture and interior design. From the heart of Lisbon, where the office takes place, to the four corners of the earth, Cristina has already signed award-winning projects from private residences to hotels and commercial spaces.
With more than 20 years of experience in this industry, CJC Studio and its projects were featured by the most influential magazines about interior design and architecture, such as AD, Elle Decor, Nuevo Estilo, Marie Claire Maison or Vogue.

2. Nini Andrade Silva 

Photo: Nini Andrade Silva

Born in Madeira island, Nini Andrade Silva is recognized internationally, besides being a major figure when it comes to placing the Portuguese interior design on everyone's lips.
Nini’s creative mind can be seen in different projects across the globe and frequently distinguished in worldwide publications - The New York Times, Wallpaper, Condé Nast Traveller, Sleeper Magazine or Harrods Magazine -, becoming a permanent presence in such prestigious publications. 

3. Gavinho 

Photo: Gavinho
Founded by Maria Gavinho, the Gavinho Architecture & Interiors focuses its work in the luxury market with signed projects in architecture, landscaping, interior design, while also standing out in product design and art consultancy.  
Gavinho’s work is emphasized by customization, contemporary style and top-quality materials at a global scale, already expanded to countries such as Algeria, France or the United Arab Emirates, with a clients’ portfolio ranging from real estate developers to entrepreneurs and final buyers.
When designing a space, the studio always places people first – the ones that will enjoy the interior. 

4. Casa do Passadiço

 Photo:  Casa do Passadiço
Born in 1992, Casa do Passadiço arises from Catarina Rosas’ hands, who opened a showroom in an XVII century Manor House in Braga, a city placed in the North of Portugal.
Today, the studio is represented by three female figures - the founder and her two daughters Cláudia and Catarina Soares Pereira – and have been signing projects in different cities across the world, such as Lisbon, Paris, London, Milan, Miami, Moscow, LA and New York.
From high-end private residences to commercial spaces, Casa do Passadiço has been collecting respected awards - International Property Awards, International Design Awards or Yacht and Aviation Awards – with distinguished projects of luxurious high-end interiors and architecture.

4. 5 Janelas 

Photo:  5 Janelas

With more than two decades of existence, Francisco Neves is the person behind the company who founded it and created a history until the present day. His critical, visionary and perfectionist personality has been marking his path in the interior design industry, with signed projects such as Pastelaria Fina and Cofre store, both in Portugal.
5 Janelas also has a complement of concept store, displaying books from Assouline, CDs from Wavemusi and decorative elements from 5 Janelas Design, for example. Its projects have already been featured by Caras Decoração, Attitude or Máxima Interiores, some of the main Portuguese authorities of interior design magazines.    
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