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We’ll give you our luxury guide to help you set the Christmas mood at home!
Christmas time is more than a season; it is a feeling. The shiny lights and decorated trees, holiday songs and gifts, all bring some magic into our homes and lives.
More than any year before, the 2020 Christmas season needs extra comfort at home, with designs that carry coziness, joy, and a sense of security in this harmless place, without ignoring the stylish look.
Discover the designs that will transform the decoration of the home

1. Louis Mirror by Mezzo Collection

Louis’ design concept completely changes the feel of the room. The brass is discreetly introduced to give the design an elegant look, while the vintage characteristic elements help to provide a nod to the golden era. With contrasting materials that create this mid-century modern yet luxurious environment, Louis’ design captures the glamorous essence of the ‘60s in a more contemporary vision.
2. Balega Side Table by Private Label
Following all the inspiration that Nature can bring us, our designers created the Balega Side Table. Inspired by the African tribe’s drums, this piece evokes the rhythm that the tribal sounds give us. The distinctive ebony veneer pattern matching with the black lacquered finish makes this side table the ideal choice for any eclectic interior design project.
3. Haines Armchair by Aster
The Haines armchair features a solid seat, which is elegantly supported by refined parallel legs creating the point of connection with an enveloping backrest, in a rectangular shape, and sloped armrests. 
4. Rivers Stool by Mezzo Collection

The Rivers stool gathers its inspiration from the bold elegance of the 60s. The alluring pattern combined with the sophisticated brass feet gives the stool a unique style, perfect to improve any interior.
5. Hicks Bar Stool by Aster

A comfortable backrest that perfectly adapts to the body. The Hicks bar stool has a charming upholstered shape that is carefully protected by the second layer in an alluring leather. 
6. Duke Floor Lamp by Mezzo Collection
The Duke floor lamp has a minimalistic yet distinctive design. Holding the light in a single glass bubble, through which a soft light shines onto the textured glass, Duke embodies the timeless beauty of contemporary lines and the mid-century elegance that transcended its own time.
7. Haden Side Table by Mezzo Collection

The Haden side table brings to the interior an edgy look. Formed of two opposite shapes, linked by a fine brass foot, the beauty of craftsmanship is exalted on the geometrical forms, while they appear as the main point of attraction in the overall decor. 
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