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Looking For The 2020 Interior Design Trends? Here's Our Pick Of The Top 5!

1. Curved Shapes
Curvy shapes are having a major comeback, whether we are talking about sculptural furniture or upholstery. We have seen curved sofas and occasional chairs in elegant rich fabrics, which give the pieces an instant glamorous feeling able to transform any simple space into a more appealing design. The curves taking form as furniture are showing up in a modern way, by being reinvented in undulating designs inspired by the vintage vibe of the ‘60s. 2020 continues the call to embrace curves!

2. Terrazzo
Terrazzo stills on-trend in 2020. Often used on floors and walls or in furniture and home accessories, terrazzo is now one of the hottest trends, because of its versatility, durability and, above all, the timeless elegant beauty. It consists of a mix of different marbles and other stones, like quartz, granite, or even glass, in multiple colors, which give more personality to spaces.

3. Multi-Coloured Marble
Marble is a classic choice on the décor, but it is gaining a new influence that goes way beyond the standard black and white. This material that never goes out of style has been reinvented to avoid clichés in design, giving rise to spaces with more personality through the colored marble while preserving the luxury feel through the quality of the material. Regardless of color, the multi-colored marble makes a statement in the room by creating a bold and appealing feature in the design.

4. Velvet
Velvet is definitely having a moment! By feeling and looking more luxurious than other textiles, the velvet is a smooth and elegant fabric, which combines luxury and comfort perfectly. From furniture to home accessories, this trend brings endless possibilities to the interior design, setting it as a massive game-change when styling a home. Its seductive power combined with vibrant colors can transform any design into a modern and trend one.

5. Earth Tones
These tones are all about pinks, burnt oranges, shades of chocolate brown, yellow ochres and olive greens that are taking over in homes. They are warm colors, mainly inspired by nature, that are substituting the classic neutrals. By embracing nature and evoking a more earth-inspired feel, the earth tones will have a strong presence in 2020, giving the designs an elegant touch of personality.

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