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Designing a kid's room is not always an easy task. In the early years, all children want to play and have fun. For this reason, in most projects, there is always a demand from clients to create a leisure space where children can relax, while at the same time developing playful activities. And there's nothing better than seeing the smile on a child's face and knowing they're happy.

Today we leave you with some essential ideas to have in a play area:

Adventure Playground  

Inspired by the traditional outdoors playgrounds, the Adventure Playground is the ideal play space for the athletic and dynamic children. By having climbing, ropes and other gymnastic equipment, this playground will help to keep the children happy and exercised.

Space Rocket Lounge  

How to elevate a kids’ space? The Space Rocket lounge is the perfect answer. Its eccentric elegance that will immediately capture kids’ attention will improve their rooms, by creating a spotlight corner. This piece tells a story about adventurous kids, with the will to explore the world on a trip to the moon in search of the undiscovered, going beyond their imagination.
Lighthouse Playhouse 

This luxurious lighthouse is a unique item that is able to enlight any kids room. It brings through its inspiration, many of pirates stories where kids can live many adventures, imagining a escape slipping through the slide. It features the possibility to be a presence light once it can be chosen with or without a light on the top.

Tree Playhouse  

The Tree Play House is one of the dreams of any child. Thought to be a play space where they can play, study and relax, this will be the perfect complement to any kids’ bedroom. A dreamy place where the kids will not want to leave.
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