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Offices are going to be today's inspiration. Many people spend a great deal of their time working in an office. Therefore, it is important to have a pleasant office, from the chairs to the rest of the furniture. As it is a workplace, it should not have many distracting elements and bet more on neutral and sober colors, but with maximum comfort. Pieces with modern designs will undoubtedly draw attention, with bright and bold designs.

Keep some inspirations

Choosing a work desk is the first and most important step. This has to suit your needs in terms of size and functionality.

The Nouvel desk in an ode to minimalism. There is simplicity in the form, materials, colors, and the little details turn it into the perfect desk for the admirers of modern spaces. Although its strong presence, Nouvel allows the space to breathe through its calm and warm design, enhancing the beauty of the luxury details.

Regarding the chair, like upholstery, they are always a great option because they are those that give greater comfort to those who spend hours sitting. Having a stool as a decorative piece also works well in these types of spaces.

The exposed legs of Frank dining chair support a deep upholstered seat, which is elegantly embellished with an almost invisible brass feature, while the upper wood body guides the eye through a generous backrest in a rectangular shape

The peculiar design of Hadley makes it a lasting piece, ideal to incorporating in any modern interior. The round edges on the top guides the eye to the interior layer, made of a different material to create a graceful contrast. The brass outlines the design elegantly.

As this is a space that needs a lot of light, a floor lamp next to the desk is essential to brighten up the work area.

A new category was born with the Moss Floor Lamp. An impressive work in every moss detail, made by precise and meticulous craftsmen, using the lacquered wood and the foundry brass. The Moss Floor Lamp is the perfect solution to enlighten any living room and to combine in any luxury ambiance.

If your office has a lounge area, why not create an area like this?

The Golson bookcase is a monumental piece with a distinctive presence, built around a polished brass structure holding four shelves. A striking circular shape that is not just trendy but also extremely enticing for all the retro lovers that want an item with a modern twist.

A square, high and enveloping backrest composes the main feature of the Gae armchair. Its deep seat creates a sense of luxury comfort, which is emphasized by the use of a smooth fabric. This armchair guarantees a place to relax.

The Terni side table has the finest materials, such as the walnut solid wood and polished brass. With a combination of two small tables and a unique design, this luxurious side table will not be ignored. Terni is the perfect complement to any room.
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