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There is no doubt that the living room is one of the most important parts of the house. It is there that we spend a great deal of time, especially when we receive visitors. The hustle and bustle of everyday life doesn't give us much time to enjoy good times at home, so when we have the opportunity, we should enjoy it in the best possible way.
Living rooms should be appealing while being functional. Having more decoration just because sometimes it doesn't work as well as we would like. The space should be as welcoming as possible and make us feel comfortable in it.

Take a look

This eclectic living room in Milan is composed by the Haines armchair, an armchair that features a solid seat, which is elegantly supported by refined parallel legs creating the point of connection with an enveloping backrest, in a rectangular shape, and sloped armrests.

The Draper sofa exhibits a sinuous upholstered silhouette with sloping armrests, counterbalanced with a robust wood structure, supporting the body weight, and fine brass lines outlining it.

As supporting elements we have the Mary center table, simple yet sophisticated, the generous silhouette fuses with the marble nobility, contrasting with wood in different colors.

The Dorothy side table has a minimalistic yet attractive shape. The two contrasting elements - brass and darker wood - shape its structure, while the robust base enhances the overall design.

This mid-century living room is simply stunning!

The Harrison armchair is a classic of mid-century incorporated into a modern vision. This piece features graceful vertical seams that emphasize the rhythm and movement from its inspiration.

Byron center table incorporates color contrasts formed through the use of natural wood and alluring marble. This center table makes the best of its influences, by creating a center of attention to any interior with an unusual design.

Finally, the Murray bookcase is the perfect complement to any project. Made of lacquered wood and polished brass, this bookcase will give you the chance to play with the color.


Neutral colors and simple lines are the basis of this room. The upholstery collection here is what marks the style of the room.

Denning sofa design brings a sense of modernity to the interior. There is a perfect contrast between the curved shape and the more straight seat. The generous back cushions will guarantee ultimate comfort.

Billy armchair delivers ultimate comfort to the interior, brought by the soft fabric covering the generous seat and the cushion.

The discreet brass feet support the round shape of Berke stool, creating the appearance of levitation. The detailed seams of the design are its main feature, though.


This living room feels so cozy that makes us want to live in.

A contemporary aesthetic in full harmony with impressive handcrafted details. The Mario modular sofa exudes timeless elegance on its clean lines, which masterfully blend with distinct brass feet supporting the entire structure.

The Redd armchair brings a pure sense of elegance to the interior. Its curvy silhouette gains evidence by the high backrest, which provides the sitter with ultimate comfort.

The Sister center tables feature a delicate play between wood and brass, where the materials take shape in elegant silhouettes, emphasizing its pure characteristics.

Getting as the inspiration the original saxophonist Albert Ayler, the Ayler II ceiling lamp is the pure representation of the mid-century essence. With a stylish design, the Ayler ceiling lamp will enhance the beauty of any room.
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