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Balancing kids peculiar preferences, most of the time taken out from their favorite movies, and parents visions is challenging. While parents may want storage space for toys and a desk to facilitate homework, kids dream of a climbing wall or a treehouse inside their bedrooms. But not all kids ideas are impossible; you just need to find a point of equilibrium where kids fantasies meet parents style and functionality.

We picked our favorite design ideas for the little ones and teenagers bedrooms, so you can be inspired by the stylish designs that are possible to create, without compromising both visions.

1. Teenage bedroom designed by the Russian interior designer Olga Krysova

A room with 35,8 m² has given rise to a bedroom for a teenage girl, who dreamed of a round bed. On this basis, the interior designer decided to use curved shapes as the main feature of the entire bedroom, while turning the space as modern as possible. The color palette also plays a huge role in the overall décor.

2. Wall bars inside the bedroom designed by the Bureau of Architecture and Design Inna Azorskaya

The bedroom embodies the Parisian romantic vibe, where the apartment takes place. The curved headboard, combined with a canopy bed adorned with lights, and the sweet wallpaper behind it, create a charming look. The statement piece that elevates the design - and kids certainly would love to have in their bedrooms - is the wall bars in the study/play area. It is every kids’ dream, having fun inside the bedroom as they have it on the outside.

3. Fairy tale bedroom designed by the design and architecture studio Studia 54

The kids’ bedroom keeps the architectural details of the apartment in the English style, which adds more character to it. The designers favored the natural light, and at the same time, choose lighter colors, which combined with ceiling lights create an elusive sensation of sweet bliss. The wallpaper with a natural motif behind the custom-made headboard was the icing on the cake, creating the magical atmosphere of fairy tale movies kids use to watch.

4. 2 levels bedroom designed by Simple interiors

Located in a luxury resort around Moscow, this bedroom took advantage of the high ceilings of the house to create two separate zones: on the high-floor, the designers created a more private space with a bed, where the child will sleep, and the other one is a play/study area for kids relaxing. The wallpaper covering the main wall, where the sofa is, brings to the bedroom a world full of fantasy because of its theme.

5. A custom-made slide designed by the Russian interior designer Diana Yarullina

Who wouldn’t love to have its slide? The interior designer turned a little boy´s dream into reality by creating a custom playground for his bedroom. The walls covered with a thematic wallpaper complement the décor elements. However, the slide has the main role in this adventurous scene - it means long hours of fun for this little boy. Also, the playground incorporates storage space; it is the best of both worlds!

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