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Making new projects is exciting, but also laborious. And when we do a lot in a row, there comes a point where we seem to lack creativity. Seeing inspiration is part of the process and is vital to any interior designer's work. Inspiration is a powerful thing that makes us see things.
Today we’re showing you stunning design inspirations from contemporary to minimalistic designs.


In this colorful dining room, the Gardner dining chair by Mezzo gives an elegant and contemporary touch. The Gordon dining table by Mezzo is the piece that stands out the most and fulfills the purpose of the entire surrounding area. The Gordon dining table has a vintage style exuding elegance.


The living room is the most important point in a house and that is why it deserves special attention. Parker ceiling lamp by Mezzo has a hypnotizing design, entirely handmade. This piece is an iconic lighting fixture that features a minimalistic design that creates a beautiful ambiance that seeks attention.

Noah dining table by Outline is the epitome of contemporary design. The blending of the Frisé walnut wood with polished brass details gives a luxurious and elegant touch to this dining room.


Putting islands in the kitchen is a trend. Mindel bar stools by Aster are perfect for this situation. The Mindel bar stool features an embracing silhouette, and its clean lines exalt the modern simplicity aesthetic.
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