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Want to revamp the dining room area? Find modern inspirations that will make the difference in your next dinner party.

Creative and functional design in the dining room is possible to achieve. You just need the right statement pieces that will be both practical and bold to be the wow factor of the space when you’re receiving guests.
Go through the gallery and discover unique interiors and original designs that can be missing piece in your dining space.

Get the look:

1. Noah dining table by Outline

Getting its inspiration from the New Orleans arcology habitat, that merges architecture and ecology awareness, the Noah Dining Table is the epitome of contemporary design. The blending of the Frisé walnut wood with polished brass details gives a luxurious and elegant touch to any dining room.

2. Blakey dining chair by Mezzo Collection

The Blakey dining chair incorporates the mid-century modern elements in a more contemporary concept. Its main feature, the rattan element serving as an armrest and holding the upholstered back, makes it a perfect fit for today’s modern dining spaces.

3. Alaton dining chair by Aster

Alaton features sinuous lines on the backrest, following to the seat where the arms rest, while the robust wood structure supports it. There is exquisite attention to the seaming details in all design, bringing out the mastery of luxury design.

4. Pattern dining table by Pardo

Nature is an immeasurable force, the creator of endless beauties. The particular patterns of tree trunks are the core of the Pattern Dining Table. The details of brass merge harmoniously with a tabletop handmade in patchwork that embraces a robust marble section. The result is a dining table with a signature touch of nature.

5. Parker I ceiling lamp by Mezzo Collection

Distinguished by a simple and elegant brass frame in the shape of rectangles, the Parker ceiling lamp has a hypnotizing design, entirely handmade. This piece is an iconic lighting fixture that features a minimalistic design, sustaining the light source inside a sophisticated glass. It is a beautiful masterpiece to add to any modern midcentury interior.

6. Crawford dining chair by Mezzo Collection

The Crawford dining chair is a statement piece that will enhance any dining room. Inspired by the powerful actress and businesswoman Joan Crawford, this dining chair shows the elegance and glamour characteristic of that time.

7. Carter dining chair by Mezzo Collection

The Carter dining chair has a modern glamorous feel conveyed by the elegant curves. The walnut wood structure embracing the round upholstered element holds the entire design while adding the focal point of the piece, at the top of the backrest, with a rattan component that turns this piece into a more appealing design.

8. Gary ceiling lamp by Mezzo Collection

The Gary ceiling lamp has an attractive and complex design that seeks to embody the creative freedom of the golden years of the twentieth century. Its unique style, exalted by the symmetrical brass frames, each one holding delicate glass bubbles, is instantly recognizable. Balancing both modern and retro style with a playful movement, Gary is a showpiece in any bold interior.
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