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Create an atmosphere of elegance and boldness with the Ashby dining chair 

Inspired by the American jazz saxophonist Harold Ashby, the Ashby dining chair intends to convey boldness and luxury through the polished brass feet and the colourful velvet fabric. Combining the contemporary design with a vintage touch, it will be worth knowing it.

It is no wonder that dining rooms could be a gateway to the mid-century generation with the Mezzo Collection. That spirit can be seen from the Ashby. 
The Ashby dining chair ensures that the dining room will be trendier. Its main attraction is the round shape made with walnut veneer, all covered in a soft velvet fabric, which will guarantee you the necessary comfort during any dinner. Their feet were deliberately made with polished brass to give it a sophisticated look and to add a luxurious touch to the dining room. 
Ashby is an occasional dining chair that incorporates all of the mid-century modern elements into a contemporary vision. The minimalism of its design combined with the noblest materials will add a timeless look to any design. Moreover, the Ashby dining chair is a versatile piece as it fits perfectly in both contemporary and mid-century inspired design settings, turning any dining room into a modern and fresh space. 
Ashby’s design will tell you a story of late-night parties, a revival of the mid-century nights, excitement of the guests at dinner and the brightness of the lights on the busy streets. For those who are not ready for Ashby’s bright colours, the Mezzo Collection also allows you to choose muted colours and pastels, since neutrals never go out of style, so you can fit Ashby into your design. 
But if you’re looking for a spotlight in the kitchen or a bar, there is also an Ashby bar stool ready to complete that space. Also, you can customize it, by transforming it into a bar stool.

Ashby’s main features makes it a perfect fit for today’s contemporary, modern and eclectic design, giving it a modern yet vintage vibe. 
They are ready to take you back to the golden era!
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