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One of the most versatile designs you can buy to decorate your home. Be inspired by these incredible console tables to give a refresh in the home décor.

The console tables always have a place in the home décor. Perfect for narrow spaces, they are frequently placed in the entrance as an appropriate spot to leave keys and mail. But the versatility of this piece of furniture allows you to go beyond the hallway and introduce it to other home spaces: it can dress a living room, act as a desk in the home office or complete the bedroom design.
Providing a surface for accessories, you can top them with stylish decorations, such as books, lighting, vases, and other curated objects, embodying perfectly style and function.

Here, we have rounded up a selection of stunning console tables that will fit different home styles:

1. Giano console by Flexform
The elegantly-flared lines of the table base - made of solid Canaletto walnut or ash, available in an array of stains - lend the tables and console an exceptional air of visual lightness. The top can also be crafted in wood, for dramatic textural effect or, if marble is the material of choice, to create an interplay of contrasts.

2. Spiro Console by Gold Castle
Reviving the best techniques of forging metal, the Spiro Console is the perfect symbol of how great a design piece can be, by combining the spiral design of the base with the best techniques and materials. The elegant and sublime lines of the spiral metal base blend harmoniously with a marble top.

3. Dolce Vita Console by Dooq

Dolce Vita console transports you to a time of greatness and opulence which we can still find very much alive in Rome. Rich materials take the form and proportion of ancient structures connecting them to a modern functionality and purpose.

4. Flexos II Console by Outline
Astronomy was the inspiration to create a console using clean lines and adding timeless yet creative details, such as the drawers and the use of glass elements. Flexus II Console is the perfect fit when creating a modern, trendy environment due to its minimalistic lines and colors.

5. Fig Tree Console by Ginger & Jagger
The Fig Tree Console is a tribute to Nature´s graciousness. The legs are made from fig tree branches in brass casting mold. The lacquered top has two drawers with purpleheart wood veneer lined with a subtle metal rim.

6. Linka Console by Porada
Shelf in solid canaletta walnut with two drawers.

7. Pianist Console by Insidherland
The marble console with brass blades was inspired by a drawing of Paul Klee, in which the Swiss painter portrays the soul of a musician and presents only the piano´s black keys, leaving the white keys on invisibility.

8. Solid Console by Minotti
Developed starting from a simple square volume, the Solid family, to which the Solide console belongs, reveals great versatility through its minimal shapes.

9. Fidelio Console by Poltrona Frau
The Fidelio console table designed by Roberto Lazzeroni for Poltrona Frau catches the eye for the contrast between its remarkable visual lightness and the richness of the material combinations, a balance that makes it ideal for furnishing the contemporary living room.

10. Leclair Console by Christopher Guy
An elegant console table with a black glass top surrounded by hand-wrought detailing around the rim and on its distinctive metal.
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