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Paris was at the center of fashion design in the last few days. Being the stage of well-known luxury brands, the city of love presented to the world the design trends that will shine on the next fall/winter season.
Interested in discovering how to include the new color trends in your interior? Keep reading the article!

Considered as one of the worldwide fashion capitals alongside New York, London and Milan, the City of Lights is known for being the home of the most emblematic luxury brands from Chanel to Hermès, from Dior to Givenchy. Each year, they contribute to the fashion industry with irreverent and creative concepts, placing Paris at the forefront of the fashion design trends.
Among the most highly regarded brands, we will highlight the top color trends for the season to come that caught our attention, exemplifying how you can complement your interior project with the latest trends.

1. Earthy Tones

The earthy tones were out in Paris. The next season will be full of different shades of browns, beiges, burnt oranges and olive greens, making use of them to bring the nature’s tranquillity and bold elegance to the interior design. See how quickly fashion goes from the runways to the interiors!

2. All Black

Black stays strong for the next season and its power is undeniable. Its formal look empowers any interior, bringing into it the sophistication and luxury appeal that any elegant interior design seeks to have. The black color gives that extra touch of charm and refinement when combined with noble materials such as marble and brass.

3. Shades Of Pink

Known as the sweet side of the red color, the light shades of pink bring a sense of harmony to the interiors, in particular to the children’s rooms. It’s a delicate color that transports a charming feel to space and, at the same time, conveys serenity. In combination with cream shades, pink gives a fresh breeze to the design, in which the luxury approach lies in the play of materials.

4. Purple Addict

The grape-hued color took place in the final weekend of the fashion month. This rich color appeared in different elegant fabrics, indicating that in the next season the interiors will be invaded by a luxurious dark tinge that will give them a more captivating look with a bold touch of personality.

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