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The bed is the one piece that provides you with a good night's rest, besides being a key element in the bedroom decoration, reflecting the personal style.

Looking for sleek and stylish beds, but with a design that´s far from boring? Here´s our pick for luxurious beds that will surely turn your bedroom into a way more inviting and fashionable retreat.

Scott bed by Mezzo Collection
Inspired by the iconic design of the 60s, Scott bed has an undistinguished style, blending bold lines with modernism effortlessly. This design celebrates the fascinating curved shapes imbued with a fresh vision, resulting in a distinctive and elegant bed.

Kelly bed by Poliform
Supported by a wooden structure with curved and delicate lines, Kelly stands out for the unique covering of its base perimeter and the sinuous, enveloping design of its headboard.

Como bed by Mezzo Collection
Como promises to take anyone back to the 50s with its sophisticated yet edgy look. The design brings to the bedroom a gentle balance between modern and retro style, playing with simplicity and boldness in a graceful move. The two light sources perfectly aligned in the headboard gives it the golden year´s glamour, turning this bed into a showpiece.

Lawrence Bed by Minotti
The Lawrence Bed puts a contemporary spin on the classic upholstered bed, bringing back balanced proportions and adding the kind of constructive details that speak volumes about the company’s ability to deliver design and masterful craftsmanship.

Daisy M 180 Bed by Munna
The Daisy redefines the need for curves in an interior. As playful as it is graceful, its superbly detailed segments in the front and reverse provide a plateau for sleeping and dreaming. An absolute must for a bedroom with a sense of fun.

Barlow bed by Mezzo Collection
Barlow´s singular elegance serves as a personality element in the overall bedroom decor. Recalling the retro style through its bold headboard, the composition of sophisticated materials and the subtle design details in all its silhouette gives it a charming look, creating the focal point of the space.

The space where you go to escape from the rush of everyday life, recharge energies and dream about what´s next to come, the bedroom is the most personal space within a home.

A balance between aesthetics and comfort is the perfect plan to impress. The sleek and simple designs will make it ideal to rest in a calming space. But to elevate the room decor and turn it into a stylish and striking space, the bedroom needs some edgy accents that can be added by some charming lighting , bold nightstands and colourful armchairs.

After all, the bedroom can be both relaxing and comfortable, and, at the same time, have a stylish look.
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