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Kitchen by Borosa_group
The Russian interior design studio Borosa designed a luxurious kitchen in a private residence in Russia. The materials used mirror elegance - from dark marble to brass details -, while the yellow from the bar stools brings an irreverent approach to the interior, with a pop of color.

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Ashby bar stool by Mezzo Collection
The Ashby bar chair is a portrayal of the mid-century vibe with bold shapes. This bar chair was thought to give a special touch to your dining room.

Bar by Taka Interiors
The New Jersey-based interior design studio Taka Interiors , specializing in luxury private residences, with projects across USA, designed a bar concept with dramatic marble paired with antique brass. It was purposefully softened by linear lighting and velvety fabrics to create an intimate setting with natural materiality and textures.

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Betsy bar chair by Mezzo Collection
The Betsy bar chair was created to be an object of desire in any bar. By combining an upholstered round shape with tapered lacquered legs and brass details, this bar chair will not go unnoticed.

Kitchen by Danmig

Adding refinement to the kitchen design, the Russian studio Danmig chose to work with elegant marble pieces, brass, and sophisticated upholstery.

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Ellis bar chair by Mezzo Collection
The Ellis bar chair was designed to be the highlight of any bar. This luxury statement piece has a mid-century design with a contemporary twist. Using a rich fabric combination, Ellis features a round shape on the back, exquisitely finished with a footrest framing and black lacquered legs.

Chaplin dining chair by Mezzo Collection
It is no wonder that dining rooms could be a gateway to the mid-century generation with the Chaplin dining chair. Its peculiar shape on the backrest will steal the attention in any room. The enveloping and cozy design, in combination with the large seat, creates the perfect balance between the aesthetic and comfort.
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