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Bahrain is known for having stunning hotels where every corner has a bit of luxury. Spacious hotel rooms, spacious common areas, and envy pools are some of the things that characterize this country's hotels. However, there are not always areas designed for children, where they can enjoy relaxing and relaxed moments.

A hotel chain took advantage of this gap and challenged Fairytale to design a playroom project for children. The idea was to create a kind of “kid’s club” where parents can leave their children for a few moments, whether when they go to the SPA, or simply meet for dinner and discover the city.

Nothing made more sense than creating an area in an indoor, closed space where children could rest and play at the same time. The idea was to create a forest-like environment. Alluding to the country's tropical climate, some artificial trees were placed inside a room with large glass windows that allow full penetration of light. To complement this idea of “forest”, is nothing better than Neverland Teepee.
Several teepees were placed in this space, creating a true camping environment in the forest. Thus, while the teepee served as a leisure and social area for different children, either individually or in groups, it also allowed children to make their baskets or simply watch their favorite cartoons and movies inside the teepee.
This is a different concept designed exclusively for children so that both parents and children can have fun times during the holidays.

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