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Screens have been part of homes for many years. In the past, they were often used as a divider so that different areas were separated so that one area would not interfere with the other. In most cases, the objective was to cover the field of vision from one side to the other.

But… times change, wills change. A new utility has been given to screens and their use is increasingly in fashion, even more so in the mid-century concept.

The Mezzo Collection already has a collection of simply wonderful screens, and has just released another screen, the Bogart screen that won't leave anyone indifferent!
Exploring the fusion between the past and the present houses, the Bogart screen is inspired by the most eclectic forms of walnut wood found in nature. The interesting entire structures with square cutouts create a unique silhouette where every detail counts. Through these cracks, light rays penetrate the space, illuminating both sides, while widening the field of vision. 

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