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The Mezzo Collection continues to surprise us day after day, this time with the launch of two new sofas. From simpler lines to bolder shapes, this new sofa collection promises to revolutionize the design world, never forgetting the main motto - creating a balance between timeless and modern aesthetics and vintage design, creating a harmonious encounter between the past and the present.

Get ready to enter a 100% mid-century style world where no one will be able to resist. 

Leigh Sofa

Looking for the perfect match for your new project? Leigh  is the perfect solution.

We leave here an inspiration that can help you create an unforgettable ambiance with him:

A rooftop that brings out the comfort of a real living room, demystifying the idea that a balcony only serves to place plants and cannot also be a resting place. It can, and it can even be your place of refuge in the most troubled days. The secret is to decorate it in the right way, creating a welcoming environment.

With warm tones, such as yellow, the color of the year, according to The Pantone Color Institute, symbolizing the heat and summer, it conveys the idea of ​​happiness, of relaxation.

Wood is the main basis of the Mezzo Collection and all the mid-century modern style. The wooden slatted ceiling helps to absorb the colors makes tones warmer.

Also, you can choose different types of fabrics with different colors with bolder patterns to create unique ambiances.
To bring some nature into the home, it is a good idea to put some plants, very characteristic of the mid-century style.

Colbert Sofa

The Colbert Sofa, balancing between simplicity and boldness, creates a unique silhouette. It is perfect to complete any living room project.
It is a timeless and versatile sofa that can be used in different types of ambiance since it combines well with different types of colours giving a unique touch.

It works very well with environments whose architecture and decoration are part of the goal of creating a social space, where people can talk and enjoy good times together. The fact that it is a sofa with straight and simple lines makes it easier to fit in different environments.

The sofa design itself is breath-taking due to its originality and elegance.

The harmony between the details in gold plated brass makes it a true reference of the time, surprising everyone and everything.  
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