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Known as the city that never sleeps, New York has a fast-paced and around-the-clock lifestyle. A place where the American dream is still alive combined with unique energy emerging from each space, the city is an authentic incubator of culture, innovation, architecture, or design.

From traditionally elegant to classic chic and cool modern, the interior design’s diversity mirrors the city’s multiculturalism, where varied cultures, philosophies and styles live together serenely. Large-scale buildings, high ceilings, and architecture details allow immersing into the city’s lifestyle through the interiors, evoking the senses that Aster seeks to find in the city.

The attractive appearance of the interior, surrounded by a relaxed atmosphere, deviates from the bustle of the city, creating a captivating meeting with the city’s diversity. Diverging from the linear architectural influences, the interior design displays curved designs, color accents, rich fabrics and luxurious brass elements, which create a sense of comfort in an open plan space, while complementing the space with subtle allure and contemporary elegance.
A bold design that stands out this living room

Mario Modular Sofa 

Norman Center Table 

Michael Armchair 

Stella Table Lamp 

Lepidus Console 

Janus Side Table 
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