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The Jordanian interior designer Lina Hattar designed a bridal atelier in the state of Texas, in the southern United States.
Adding warmth and refinement to this interior, Lina chose to work mainly with marble, brass, and wood materials. While the light marble with warm brown hues covers the entire floor of the space, also extended to the major wall of the store, the wood brings a sense of comfort and creates a cozy atmosphere in the room, setting a harmonious contrast between them. The brass elements were chosen to hold the design together.
In contrast to the straight lines of the store´s architecture, the interior designer selected curvy designs predominantly. The upholstered pieces feature round lines, as well as the added tables in the room, which creates a well-balanced dialogue in the interior.

Get The Look

For this luxury store, the interior designer Lina Hattar selected some design side tables from Gold Castle and Pardo , and a lighting fixture from Mezzo Collection .

Stark Side Table by Gold Castle
A pattern full of modernity made out of a group of rigid lines artistically made on a polished brass surface is the distinctive core of the Stark Side Table. A circular element of marble uplifts this side table into an edgy yet timeless design element.

Janus Side Table by Gold Castle
In contrast with the tables top´s material, the geometrical shape of the brass feet is ennobled by the evocative power of luxury. The clean look of the side table is giving the interior a new silhouette through the way that different shapes and materials are joint together, adding a subtle elegance to any design.

Balega Side Table by Pardo
Following all the inspiration that Nature can bring us, our designers created the Balega Side Table. Inspired by the African tribe’s drums, this piece evokes the rhythm that the tribal sounds give us. The distinctive plain veneer matching with the lacquered finish makes this side table the ideal choice for any eclectic interior design project.

Yves Table Lamp by Mezzo Collection
Yves has a simple frame, adorned with a pleasing rhythm lamp. Its design is focused on the verticality of the oval brass that surrounds the elegant light source, providing it a timeless look.

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