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Ünal Kara is an interior designer for Lentus Design, a renowned company in Turkey in the field of interior design. Lentus Design now has a project under construction for a living room in a private Villa in Istanbul and has commissioned Aster for the upholstery.
This is a luxurious living room with light tones and minimalist lines, with ceiling lamps being the center of attention in this space. The Draper Sofa and Greer Modular Sofa fit perfectly into this environment, creating a comfortable and welcoming space.

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Draper Sofa 

Elegant curves combined with a timeless expression, the Draper sofa exhibits a sinuous upholstered silhouette with sloping armrests, counterbalanced with a robust wood structure, supporting the body weight, and fine brass lines outlining it.

Greer Modular Sofa 

An elegant balance between materials and shape, the Greer modular sofa brings a minimalistic and modern feel to the interior. It incorporates a wood component in the middle of the design, which serves as a side table supporting the lounge area, and a wide range of cushions, different in size and color, ensuring ultimate comfort.    
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