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The Mezzo Collection continues to amaze its customers every day. This time with new lighting pieces that will enhance any space. Built of white painted metal and gold-plated brass this iconic floor lamps are powerful pieces that don’t go unnoticed.

See for yourself

Grant Floor Lamp 
The Grant Floor Lamp was created to be a completely out-of-the-ordinary piece. Cylindrical in shape, covered in gold plated with openings that allow light to pass through reflecting its lush form, this piece is a true representation of the mid-century style. The combination of gold-plated and white-painted metal blend perfectly with any living room or entrance, giving them a touch of luxury.

Marlon Floor Lamp 
Mezzo's designers were inspired by the art deco style and created a unique floor lamp. The Marlon floor lamp is a powerful piece that doesn't go unnoticed. Marlon comprises a cylindrical gold-plated structure surrounded by four white-painted metal modules giving it elegance. At the top, the glass structure ensures maximum lighting. Marlon floor lamp is perfect for combining in a lounge area, or living room, next to an armchair or sofa.

Cooper Floor Lamp 
The Cooper floor lamp has a simpler shape perfect for attenuating filled spaces. Built of white-painted metal and a gold-plated interior this iconic floor lamp will highlight your interior design. This iconic floor lamp consists of nine lamps that reflect its beauty, at the same time it directs the light.

Welles Floor Lamp 
Welles floor lamp represents the art deco style in every aspect. In this lighting design, you can find two white-painted metal tubes that create an oval shape that joins through a handcrafted gold-plated base. The shape of the Welles floor lamp creates an elegant piece that combines the best of craftsmanship with luxury design. The semi-oval top minimizes the direct impact of light, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Douglas Floor Lamp 
Douglas floor lamp is a vintage floor lamp that will enhance any space. The white paint and gold-plated metal structure give height to the floor lamp, making it a robust piece that evokes the mid-century style.

Taylor Floor Lamp 
Taylor is a floor lamp that captures the essential features of the mid-century style, with simple lines and luxurious finishes. This bespoke design is handmade and comprises a white metal frame bent in the center, secured by a gold-plated base. Taylor is perfect for a relaxation zone or minimalist spaces.
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