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Aster has just added a new category of products to its collection. Discover the first tables designed by this brand.

Mary center table 
The elegance of the Mary center table echoes in its shape and materials. Simple yet sophisticated, the generous silhouette fuses with the marble nobility, contrasting with wood in different colors. Its presence will bring luminosity to any living room design.
Dorothy side table 
The Dorothy side table has a minimalistic yet attractive shape. The two contrasting elements - brass and darker wood - shape its structure, while the robust base enhances the overall design.


Elsie side table 
The Elsie side table's most distinctive appeal lies in the base. The four parallel feet with an irregular silhouette hold a circular plate, which is covered with exquisite brass, making the design vibrate.  

Sister center tables 
Three center tables, different in height, contrast each other to give the living room a more appealing look. The Sister side tables feature a delicate play between wood and brass, where the materials take shape in elegant silhouettes, emphasizing its pure characteristics.
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