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Intending to create a bedroom for a ten-year-old girl, the Ukrainian interior designer Katerina Mardanova designed this beautiful space with 12,5 m2.

The bedroom has a small area but with a lot of storage, where Fairytale's designs also help to keep the space well organized.
Incorporating the Travel nightstand and the Compass desk, the designer decided to customize it to better fit in this bedroom; instead of a foot in the shape of a compass, she choose a clean one, so the interior responded to the girl's taste.

Get the look:

Travel nightstand
Inspired by the vintage travel suitcases, the travel nightstand will take kids on a beautiful and exciting journey to inspire them and wake up their sense of adventure. The elegant detail of the leather, which adds a sweet touch through the colors, evokes memories that used to be kept in these old vintage suitcases.

Compass desk
The Compass desk gathers its inspiration from the well-known drawing instrument - compass. It consists of four opposite rods connected by a cylindrical shape, forming the body of the piece in conjunction with four drawers on the contrary side, where a rectangular tabletop rests. Compass has an elegant presence, ideal for any children's room, and its attractive design will capture their attention making them want to personalize it with their names.

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