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The living room is a focal point in any home or space and is the most-frequented room. It is always necessary to have a place to receive visitors, sit the guests, or catch up and have a good time together. The living room sets the tone for the rest of the house. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to how you decorate the space to make it as welcoming as possible.
A house located in the center of Milan, one of the requests for this project was to create a simple and harmonious living room, to escape the madness and confusion that is day-to-day in the city so that people feel truly at home and have a place of refuge in it. 

Discover the final result

Comfort is the key, and this living room was designed to be the perfect escape after a long day. The whole purpose was fulfilled. A minimalist living room with simple lines, neutral tones that transmit calm and where you can rest comfortably. All the pieces fit perfectly creating a perfect environment that combines elegance with sophistication.

Get the look

Draper Sofa by Aster 

Elegant curves combined with a timeless expression, the Draper sofa exhibits a sinuous upholstered silhouette with sloping armrests, counterbalanced with a robust wood structure, supporting the body weight, and fine brass lines outlining it.

Haines Armchair by Aster 

The Haines armchair features a solid seat, which is elegantly supported by refined parallel legs creating the point of connection with an enveloping backrest, in a rectangular shape, and sloped armrests. 
Mary Center Table by Aster 

The elegance of the Mary center table echoes in its shape and materials. Simple yet sophisticated, the generous silhouette fuses with the marble nobility, contrasting with wood in different colors. Its presence will bring luminosity to any living room design.
Dorothy Side Table by Aster 

The Dorothy side table has a minimalistic yet attractive shape. The two contrasting elements - brass and darker wood - shape its structure, while the robust base enhances the overall design.
Everson Sideboard by Outline

The Everson sideboard has a distinguished practical simplicity, exalted by the beautiful combination of clean lines and functionality of the piece. This elegant silhouette takes inspiration from the modern architectural lines of the Everson Museum of Art, allowing the design space to be experienced as a work of art. When accompanied by other contemporary masterpieces, the Everson will transform the design into a beautiful journey to experience modern crafted art.

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