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At Private Label we always strive for work and dedication, so we work daily for the best. And when the work is recognized, great projects are created.
Lemon Interior Design is a interior design company based in Bucarest, Romania. A strong company, with which we have established some partnerships over time and that continues to surprise us day after day with its incredible projects.
For a decoration project of a penthouse inserted in a complex of luxury apartments in Constance, the Mezzo Collection was chosen. Located in a privileged area, by the sea, this project is one of the most eccentric in Romania.
The design team behind this irreverent décor, strongly marked by luxury, decided to combine minimalism with pure elegance, creating such a unique furnishing and lighting.

See for yourself this Penthouse Mircea Eliade project:

At first glance, this kitchen immediately makes you want to jump into it. The prevalence of neutral colors gives a greater view of the space, creating harmony and facilitating the penetration of light on all sides, illuminating the area.
Sliding doors in the dishwasher counter create magic in the kitchen, creating two different spaces in one. The glazed wine cellar beautifies the space. Ellis Bar Chair fit perfectly in this kitchen giving it a touch of luxury.


Marble creates a completely different space in this room. It works very well with all the rest of the decor and enhances the colors. A stunning bedroom paired with Bennett Nightstand gives the space the final touch.

Every closet needs a place to sit. We need to be able to look at all the clothes to choose the perfect look comfortably. Rivers Stool and Rivers Bench perfectly fulfill their purpose in addition to boosting the closet.

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