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Sensations and feelings are the true protagonists of Aster’s philosophy. The brand that rises from the person who truly inspired it sees the cities’ atmosphere and its expressions as a source of inspiration for the home design.
Boundless expressions originate from the Aster’s will to immerse in each city, searching for the multiple feelings that a place can provoke on him. Paris, Dubai e New York are among the inspirations: not just because of the aesthetic, but the way of living.

Paris is the city that inspires the first volume. The city of light, which is also the city of love. The capital of France has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes everyone fall in love not only with the city but also with the Parisienne style – as Aster did. Romanticism, whose representatives treasured feelings, sensations, and emotions, has especially determined the French interior architecture, where the high-ceilings with decorative moldings and the wall panels are its main expression.

Surrounded by the heat of the desert, Dubai is internationally known for a luxury lifestyle that is exposed by luxury malls, modern architecture, and a lively nightlife scene, and is the motto for the second volume. The ostentation of the luxuriousness is also transported to the interiors. By blending influences from ancient civilizations and western modernity, the Modern Arabic interior design appears as an opulent combination of distinct styles, creating a unique and alluring interpretation of modern homes in the Middle East.

Known as the city that never sleeps, New York has a fast-paced and around-the-clock lifestyle, and it’s the city of the third volume. A place where the American dream is still alive combined with unique energy emerging from each space, the city is an authentic incubator of culture, innovation, architecture, or design. Large-scale buildings, high ceilings, and architecture details allow immersing into the city’s lifestyle through the interiors, evoking the senses that Aster seeks to find in the city.

These volumes about Aster’s world materialize the profound wish to create a storyline where his designs meet the cities, whereby he is passionate, creating a short circuit between the two central figures: the city and Aster’s bespoke luxury designs.

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