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Lily Duclaud

Meet the interior designer Lily Duclaud in our quick interview section.

1. Can you please tell us more about you?
I´m a Mexican Interior Designer with a passion for mural designs. I really love to create magic ambiences in the kids' room. Imagination and innovative creativity are some of the values that move me.

2. Let us know a little bit more about your work.
I try to develop my own unique style, expertly combining elegance, style, subtlety, rusticity, originality, simplicity and a vast array of textures. We design custom finishes and furnishings for residential and commercial markets through breath-taking use of balance and form. Our goal is to satisfy our clients in any different area they need, such as interior design, graphic design, communication, photography and art to make sure that everything is as perfect as possible for the clients finished project.
We have partnered with international corporations such as Disney, Warner Bros. and Danone. Our most common projects besides the children spaces are restaurants, hotels and international residential clients.
We don't just create the dream spaces, we work with clients at all stages of conception, construction and completion. By creating pitch presentations for floor plans, elevations, finish plans, and construction drawings, we make sure that the clients are continuously happy with their project throughout its entirety.

3. How did you find Private Label Group?
Private Label was presented to me by a contact I had from another company that now works with them. I was amazed by the several brands; I fell in love instantly with one of their brands - Fairytale.

4. What do you think about the group and which brand do you like the most?
I think it's a very dynamic group, with several brands, but my favourite is for sure Fairytale. It's the brand that really connects with my work. Fairytale's pieces can really turn any room into a magic place.

5. What are your favourite pieces and why?
I love all the collection; however, several pieces stand out due to the creativity and beauty. I'm talking about the Pumpkin Carriage, the Crayon Wardrobe, the Mushroom Lounge and the Crayon Village.

We invite you to visit the Lily Duclaud website if you´re interested in discovering more about her work.

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