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Julia Moraly

Meet the interior designer Julia Moraly on our first quick interview section.

Can you please tell us more about you?

I was born in Paris, hence my taste and propensity for chic à la française. I moved to Monaco in 2007 for business reasons. At the time, I felt bored with what I was doing (private wealth management in finance) and decided to fully live from my passion, interior design. Today the switch has been done and those new challenges fullfil me. Clients are between Paris and Monaco.

Let us know a little bit more about your work.

I consider small details and space optimization as major driving points, incidentally I always chase every little unused spot, and believe me, this is crucial in Monaco given the price of each square meter.
As equally important is the service I provide to my clients given the fact I discipline myself to always be available for them.
My inspirations are intimately related to Cote d´Azur and its Art de vivre. Being at the confluent of France and Italy, we can easily emphasize its natural beauty from sun, nature, and the luxury that goes with it.
Last, I am always looking for new designers and new materials that could be used in innovative ways for the benefits of each project I am in charge of.

How did you find Private Label?

When I visit Maison & Objet last year, I felt in love with a table that was shown during the exhibition. I then truly felt the connection with the design and materials offered by Private label, and immediately started to work on a client project using this approach. The client also was amazed when he saw the end result; it often happens clients are not able to visualize what I design in the first steps, and this is why it´s so fun to see them when they finally are delivered after months of patience and questions!

What do you think about the group?

The group has huge offers for clients and interior designers. This is very important for professionals like me. Materials from Private Label are high quality like different woods, marbles. Brass and metals are used to provide dynamics to the product. Fairytale is amazing for children; this is a dream for every parent or kid. And the design from the Mezzo Collection is so chic and trendy with round shapes.
To be franc, the product offering is quite in line with what I aim to offer to prime clients I daily address.

What are your favourite pieces and why?

I have two favourites, first is Noor dining chair, which I feel so French style. With the possibility of customization, it gives you so many alternatives for your dining room, you can match it with lots of style and peripherals. So elegant definitely!
And to remain in Mid-century trend, the Sirius chandelier is a masterpiece, so powerful for an entrance or stylish interior. The only thing you need is space in order to make it as strong as it deserves.

We invite you to visit Luxe Chic & Décoration if you´re interested in discovering more about her work.

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