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Catherine Spencer-Phillips

Meet Catherine Spencer-Phillips, Founder & CEO of Cheetah Design, in our quick interview section.

Can you please tell us more about you?
I work in the design market since 2001 when I created the company - Cheetah Design. It has been a long and joyful journey working with several customers on really impacting projects.

Let us know a little bit more of your work.
Cheetah Design is passionate about Contemporary Design and Luxury brands, sourcing an exclusive collection of Europe's unique furniture designers offering the finest eclectic mix of upmarket interior furnishings.
We work with several clients such Hilton, Jumeirah London, Four Seasons, Park Lane, Biltmore Hotel London, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Limited London and many more.

How did you find Private Label Group?
I found Private Label on Instagram, I really loved some of the pieces.

What do you think about the group and which brand do you like the most?
I think it's a very dynamic group, launching always new products and with an interesting product range. Mezzo Collection is the brand we like the best because of the designs.

What are your favourite pieces and why?
We like the Pattern dining table from Pardo, several dining chairs form Delicartis and Ellis bar stool and Magnani center table from Mezzo Collection. Fairytale is very unusual and unique with some interesting designs also.

We invite you to visit the Cheetah Design website if you´re interested in discovering more about it.

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