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Many people look for ways to bring some reference to nature indoors, but this is not always easy. The use of decorative elements such as plants is very popular this year and there is no shortage of options. But striving for the difference is always an asset. And how about being able to have real pieces of furniture totally inspired by nature at home?

Continue reading to discover the right way to elevate your home decor with incredible home bar ideas.

Branch Dining Table  

The Branch dining table has a sophisticated design, in which the hidden beauty is gradually revealed. The spherical foot in plain veneer is embraced by delicate aged brass branches, adding the design an elegant and refined look. The tabletop resting on this robust structure has a minimalistic appearance, exalted by the soft tones, which turns this piece into a homage to nature’s beauty.

Husk Cabinet 

Tree barks with all its color tones and irregular shapes are represented in the Husk Cabinet, the perfect choice for enhancing nature and creating a relaxing yet luxurious ambiance. This cabinet made of Walnut Root Veneer, Smoked Glass and Aged Brass, is the pure representation of Nature Design.

Moss Sideboard 

The Moss Sideboard is the pure illustration of Pardo’s values and strengths. This masterpiece represents in a sublime way the symbiosis between nature and design, resulted in the meticulous work of our craftsmen. Made with walnut root veneer and brass, the Moss Sideboard will be the spotlight of any room.

Ankar Console 

The Ankar Console evokes strong nature forces in any room. The modern design of this console, along with the perfect combination of polished brass, lacquered wood and ebony, is the finest representation of modernity blending itself with natural elements. Ankar takes you on a natural journey.

Majus Center Table

Influenced by the natural beauty of a flower with the same name, the Majus Center Table transmits a graceful and elegant presence. By evoking nature with its unique shape and sensitive materials, this center table is an exquisite design masterpiece.
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