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At a time when kids see their outdoor activities limited, Fairytale takes on an important role in their daily routine. There´s no better time to dream about a brighter future, and kids have now the opportunity to rediscover their little kingdoms at home and, most of all, experience them as they have never done it before!

Only the sky is the limit for the imagination!

Fairytale´s designs will transform kids rooms into magical tales they use to hear in their favorite stories. They will be sent to the happily ever after fantasy; the little ones imaginary world will be fuelled with dreams and their future adventures.
More important than ever, kids need to feed their days at home with joyful and creative activities. From indoor playhouses to study stations in the shape of compasses, kids will discover an enchanted world full of magic as if they were living in a Walt Disney film alongside their heroes and favorite princesses.

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