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Be inspired to design an interior that tells a story with the Boundless Expressions Volumes from Aster .

Sensations and feelings are the true protagonists of Aster´s philosophy. The brand that rises from the person who truly inspired it sees the cities´ atmosphere and its expressions as a source of inspiration for the home design.
Boundless expressions originate from the Aster´s will to immerse in each city, searching for the multiple feelings that a place can provoke on him. Hong Kong, Paris, Moscow, New York are among the inspirations: not just because of the aesthetic, but the way of living.
Thus, these volumes about Aster´s world materialize the profound wish to create a storyline where his designs meet the cities, creating a short circuit between the two central figures: the city and Aster´s bespoke luxury designs.

Discover the first volume of Boundless Expressions. Download it now!
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