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We've selected a list of the most popular and top-chosen designs of 2020. Take a look to discover our top 10.

Norman center table 
Norman’s whimsical design, masterfully done, is pure elegance and charm incorporated into one piece. An unpredictable play of transparency through the use of glass makes shine the circular brass foot which unites the two sides of the center table. Norman is an absolute center of attention in any design.

Absolute side table 
Challenging the physics expectations, the Absolute Side Table creates an intrinsic harmony between the rich walnut veneer and the polished brass details. These two materials were welded together to set a contrast that defies the eye perspective. Thought to complement any modern living room.

Tower side table 
The finest art of forging is noticed in the delicate lines of the Tower Side Table. Design and functionality come together to create an elegant yet artistic modular piece that will give a touch of luxury to any interior. The fascinating combination of heritage and design creativity presented on the base brings the personality of the design to the fore.

Spiro console 
Reviving the best techniques of forging metal, the Spiro Console is the perfect symbol of how great a design piece can be, by combining the spiral design of the base with the best techniques and materials. The elegant and sublime lines of the spiral metal base blend harmoniously with a marble top.

Balega side table 
Following all the inspiration that Nature can bring us, our designers created the Balega Side Table. Inspired by the African tribe’s drums, this piece evokes the rhythm that the tribal sounds give us. The distinctive ebony veneer pattern matching with the black lacquered finish makes this side table the ideal choice for any eclectic interior design project.

Noah dining table 
Getting its inspiration from the New Orleans arcology habitat, that merges architecture and ecology awareness, the Noah Dining Table is the epitome of contemporary design. The blending of the Frisé walnut wood with polished brass details gives a luxurious and elegant touch to any dining room. 

Ripas sideboard 
The Ripas Sideboard is a contemporary exemplar of the simplest yet elegant design trends that are taking control of our times. Created by walnut veneer contrasting with multiple line details, made out of brushed brass, this trendsetter highlights any room.

Majus center table 
Influenced by the natural beauty of a flower with the same name, the Majus Center Table transmits a graceful and elegant presence. By evoking nature with its unique shape and sensitive materials, this center table is an exquisite design masterpiece.

Gold console 
The Gold Console conveys elegance and sophistication through its clean and simple lines, emphasizing the nobility of the materials. The balance between brass’ minimalism and alluring marble evokes a luxurious look, while the references to the geometry on the console’s base give the design a unique touch of creativity and modernity.

Opera mirror 
Inspired by the Sydney Opera House, one of the world’s most outstanding show buildings and one of Australia’s greatest symbols, the Opera mirror is the result of an astonishing design. Its striking lines are gently combined with luxury materials, bringing an elegant and luxurious touch to any ambiance.

Cliff sideboard 
The Cliff sideboard is a reference to modern luxury design. Its elegant appearance embellished by hypnotizing wood details covering all structure rests on strong brass feet that give a more interesting look. Cliff is an encounter between nature and magnificence.

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