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Surrounded by the heat of the desert, Dubai is internationally known for a luxury lifestyle that is exposed by luxury malls, modern architecture, and a lively nightlife scene.

The ostentation of the luxuriousness is also transported to the interiors. By blending influences from ancient civilizations and western modernity, the Modern Arabic interior design appears as an opulent combination of distinct styles, creating a unique and alluring interpretation of modern homes in the Middle East.

Recalling the warmth of the exterior, the interior spaces have similar color palettes, where warm neutrals and bold accents dominate the scene. The metallic elements have a huge role in the scenery, essentially dominated by gold. It dictates the tone of the rooms, highlighting the walls surfaces with a contemplative design that combines perfectly with the clean and timeless designs from Aster. The ceilings design, on the other hand, reinforces undoubtedly the modern style.

The Modern Arabic style contemplates warmth and luxuriousness. By incorporating the Aster’s pieces in this style, the interior doesn’t lose its attractiveness; conversely, it creates a harmonious dialogue between tradition, modernity, and the furniture decorating the space, creating the luxury feel that overfills the city atmosphere.
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Rohe Dining Table 

Mark Dining Chair
Alaton Dining Chair 

Roger Ceiling Lamp 

Roy Wall Lamp 
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