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Foreseeing modern trends, keeping them simple yet luxurious. Raising the quality standards by reviewing a product endlessly, stopping only when perfection is achieved drives OUTLINE. Making all design enthusiasts experience contemporary spaces is the what motivates OUTLINE to search for quality by updating its characteristic straight elegant lines, but also creating a contemporary lifestyle trend where functionality and design combine, resulting in a luxurious quality design model. The prediction of the design and the quality of the future.

PARDO is the perfect symbioses between Mother Nature and Man. The outcome of this relationship is a masterpiece, a representation of the most authentic existence in Nature. PARDO’s goal is to take its admirers into a journey, having as the destination the most authentic and unique landscapes on our planet. PARDO’s inspiration in the world we live in, as well as the knowledge of the arts of craftsmanship which is emphasized on the materials and shapes used as well as the attention put in every detail.
> Fara
Defining canons, elevating the artistry behind every designer and the art hidden in the craftsmanship techniques is what moves FARA. Every design is a masterpiece, every designer an artist and every project will be admired as a gallery. By blending Art and Luxury Lighting, FARA breaks the barrier of expectation of its admirers. The noblest materials are shaped into luxurious furthermore creative details by the techniques of artistic craftsmen. The final result is a never seen masterpiece.
FARA is the definition of the fine line between Art and Lighting Design.
The wise knowledge of a nowadays quality was the result of a legacy passed on to generations. GOLD CASTLE is the outcome of the revival of craftsmanship’s abilities and meticulous skills of the past. Every piece is a unique combination of a creative design and a will of self-overcoming, leading into the most exclusive and luxurious design elements.  The finest quality is present in every detail distinguishing GOLD CASTLE meticulous art and process of craftsmanship. The different materials and the singular ways of working them are what moves GOLD CASTLE into creating everlasting masterpieces.
Created to fulfil the need of merging the comfort of an upholstered piece with a unique, modern and seductive design. Each masterpiece is conceived to become a reference in the luxurious upholstery world, by creating a remarkable ambience in its surroundings due to its daring colour use and seductive aesthetic. Detail driven, the process of choosing each material, technique of craftsmanship or design is pondered in order to achieve nothing but the most highly-desirable upholstery masterpiece.