PRIVATE LABEL believes that every creative mind must get recognition for breaking patterns and standards, for being bold by daring to think differently.

Every masterpiece we design we believe in challenging design barriers, in setting the newest trends. By bringing together the best Portuguese furniture and lighting manufacturers and grow them into brands as creating a legacy for their ancient techniques, PRIVATE LABEL created a high-end solution for every design choice.

Each brand PRIVATE LABEL presents to the world is defined by its own voice and most of all style. Each brand is one of its kind, a pure representation of its genre.

PRIVATE LABEL is the place where the wisest craftsmen see their crafted knowledge recognized by the most demanding experts in the entire world, such as renowned architects and interior designers who expect nothing less than perfection. For these specialists but also to all design lovers, PRIVATE LABEL is committed to continually introduce original and unique masterpieces in order to be their prime trendsetter reference in the world of luxury design.